About Donna

Donna Marie Keogh was born on the 29th November 1980, to parents Brian and Shirley she was the middle child of three, having an older brother Brian Keogh Jnr who was born in 1977 and a younger brother Michael Keogh who was born in 1982.


Childhood Photographs

Donna aged 4

Donna aged 9

Donna aged 10

Donna aged 11

Donna was born in Middlesbrough, Cleveland and was a very popular girl. She had many friends and spent a lot of time with her cousins who were of a similar age to her. Donna loved doing her hair and make-up and had a keen interest in fashion. She was schooled locally and at 16 years old spent time working at a care home for the elderly.



Donna aged 16

Donna aged 16

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